Diversity in Design

Design creates a future world that is meaningful, easy-to-use, and attractive to the users.

Design family expands

Design is traditionally linked to the design of products, but today design is used to plan more complex objects. Examples of new design applications include the development of services, practices and systems. In addition, the design methods are also used to solve societal challenges.

Design perspective in development

Design is creative, comprehensive and user-driven way of developing products, services, systems and networks. Design solves problems,  creates and visualizes solutions and constructs meanings. Design can influence the development of functional, environmental and economic aspects of a solution.

Design thinking and process skills

Desgin thinking crystallizes the designerly way of thinking in development. Design Thinking aims to find  initial sources of the problems and creates a variety of solutions. Solutions are concretized into descriptions, models and prototypes. Quick experiments with the solutions aims to find the best solutions for each situation.

Muova in the field of design

Muovas special expertise is the innovative market-oriented design, which means the collection of market and user data and its exploitation in the development of products and services, systems and networks. Muova researches, develops and trains design methods and applies them to new applications.

Supporting international competitiveness of SMEs

Design has been raised both nationally and internationally as an important means of competition. You can find out more about this in design reports, Muova projects or by contacting Muova experts.