Designing systems and networks

Creating change in systems through collaboration in networks

Changing organizations and industries

With the help of transformation design it is possible to change the activities of people, organizations and systems. Typically, the starting point is to realize a significant opportunity, requiring a new approach or a complex social or societal challenge. In the design of change, the areas of the big picture and the links between them are identified in order to create system-level reforms. With the system level design, it is possible to develop a comprehensive product-service system to the company, or even change the operation mode of the industry.

Research supporting change 

Changes are designed in Muova research projects and at company level, corporate network, as well as industries. The industry-wide change projects have been carried out in boating, water and energy sectors. In the most recent D.Inc project the innovation culture is renewed for three SMEs (Prima Power, Mäkelä Alu and Sulbana) with the help of design thinking.

In the CU India project agile approaches to SME internationalization in the Indian market were studied, developed and tested. In the model the joint work and commitment in the value of networks was emphasized, in particular in the development of renewable energy system in India.  CU India Toolbox gathers essential information on how renewable energy systems can be developed in the value network and how SMEs have launched operations in India.

D.Inc > Reforming innovation culture through design thinking
VETCombo> A user-centered service system of water ecosystem information, Tekes Water Programme
Open Wave> Open innovation for the future of the boating industry, Tekes Boat program