Future products and services

Creating the future direction with the help of product and service opportunities

Identifying business opportunities

Future product and service opportunities can be identified with the help of visionary concept design. The user-friendliness is combined with foresight as a basis for creating alternative descriptions of future products and services. The concepts will help companies to assess the future direction, as well as to compare the various alternative solutions. Visionary conceptualization can be carried out either to an individual company, the industry or the value network

Concept generation in research projects

Visionary concept generation has been studied in several Muova projects. Future products and services have been identified in particular for marine and energy sectors. In the Provision project, the study found that the visionary conceptualization is an effective way to combine strategic leadership and practical R & D in SMEs.

Wave (2009-2010)> Visioning of boating services and products, Tekes Boat program
Desme (2007-2008)> Designing Smart Energy, changing household energy behavior through design, Tekes MUOTO 2005! Program
ProVision (2005)> Product Visions as learning tools for SME´s, Tekes MUOTO 2005! Program