New business through Service Design

Meaningful service experience, consistent service path and user-friendly services

Customer-oriented service development

Service design is a holistic and multi-sectoral development process, the aim of which is to create relevance to the customer service experience, consistent service path and user-friendly contact points. Service design is linked to the corporate business model, products and services, premises and people.

Service design is used to create solutions for the production and use of services. A strong focus on customer service ensures that the developed products meet the customers' needs and wishes, thus improving the customer relationship. The design of services always relies on the company's business objectives, branding and knowledge. Service design and its tools apply equally to the service development of both service and manufacturing companies.

New ways of working for service development

In MUOVAs service design research projects practices that enable companies to enhance service innovation and lead customer service value with service design methods have been developed. A common service system of the network and new service concepts were mapped in the VET Combo research project.

VETCombo > A user-centered service system for Water Ecosystem information
Quicksteps > Strengthening the innovation process by focusing on the identification and production of relevant service value to the customer
Desire > Renewing innovation activities through market-driven service  design