Concepting spaces

A functional and experiential space directs the activities and arouses emotions

Experiental and user-oriented spaces 

The spaces are built not only of the physical structures but also of the virtual and social environment. User-oriented spaces are, above all, appropriate and support the desired operation. Human activity and behavior can be directed with the help of space solutions. On the other hand experiential spaces create moods and evoke emotions, while intelligent space solutions are interactive and expand the user into the world beyond the physical walls.


Research on spatial solutions and the impact of spaces

Muovas research projects are pioneers in the research of space solutions and development. The impact of spaces to creativity and how energy technology can be shown in an experiental way are among the research topics. Muova was developed the Creative Lab that supports the creative co-development and innovation activities.


EnergyLand > Illustrating Energy Technology through experiential spatial solutions
OVET > Physical, social and virtual spaces affect creativity in innovation sctivities
Creative Lab > Development of a creative and experiential innovation environment to support creativity and innovation in organizations, students and researchers