Research and design services

The close collaboration with companies along the years has developed Muova as a agile and  accomplished partner 


Services for true needs

Muova company services offer innovative solutions for the business, products, services and brand development regardless of the size and branch of the company. Muova will build an optimum package to support the achievement of the client's business objectives.

Range of services

Muova's services are tailored to meet a variety of business development needs. Industrial Design provides tools for the development of new products. Brand building acts as the clarifier of the company's message and its consistent implementation  in all communication. Customer-oriented and value-generating service solutions are planned with Service Design.


Successful planning is always based on knowledge and skills. In the planning phase, the data from the customer is connected to the market and user knowledge as the basis for solutions. Muova´s design expertise guarantees a unique and distinct end result. Muova´s working model is encapsulated in a five-way process.

1. The object is specified

• What are we doing?
• what is the design target?

2. The potential is identified

• How can we stand out in the market?
• what do the users need and want?

3. Solutions are planned

• what are the options?
• how can the solution be achieved?

4. The options are assessed

• How interesting are the alternative solutions?
• How attractive are the solutions in the eyes of the user?

5. The process is made true

• What is required in order to make this happen?
• How should we proceed?

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We'll discuss the possibilities of design as well as appropriate public financing options for
various projects. Let's plan together for your business needs the most suitable solution for you!

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