Link between the business and the academic world

 A diverse and close cooperation between companies, universities and public organizations

Collaboration with companies since 1988

Design Centre MUOVA has acted as a bridge builder between the academic world and the business world for 30 years. Since 1988, MUOVAs task/goal has been to promote international competitiveness of SMEs through design. Muova has created a distinctive interdisciplinary environment for research, development, education and company cooperation. Muova cooperates closely with domestic companies and also has  a strong international partner network. Muova is known as a reliable and innovative partner.

Many ways to collaborate 

Research and development projects look into how design thinking and design methods can be applied to solve a variety of problems or tap into emerging opportunities. EU projects build multidisciplinary networks which solve societal challenges. In company services, design know-how is tailored to meet the needs of a company or organization. Through training projects, design is applied to the needs of different sectors.

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The incubator West Coast Startup serves primarily the personnel and students at Vaasa University of Applied Sciences and the University of Vaasa.