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Muova is an active international actor. Through the international activity Muova aims to promote the international competitiveness of the society and companies by the means of design and creativity

Design thinking, design methods and creativity

Design and creativity are essential for the competitiveness of a society. International activity enables cross-border exchange and transfer of information and experiences, and common cross-border development. Muova provides into this context an opportunity to implement design and creativity into different sectors thus creating design and creativity spill-overs. This provides added value to our stakeholders as new ideas and knowledge, solutions, thinking models and results are transferred internationally and nationally. Muova’s international activity covers all our activity dimensions. The most usual form of work is project work.

Muova has a broad multidisciplinary network, and we warmly welcome new organisations to join us!

For more information about international projects:

Tanja Oraviita | International projects | 040 1632940 | tanja.oraviita(at)
Annika Hissa | Director | 050 568 5863 | annika.hissa(at)

EU projects

Read more about our international projects below.


D-THINK, Design Thinking Applied to Education and Training, promotes Design Thinking among educational professionals and professional trainers. This is done as an innovative and digital training course, a mobile course in Design Thinking applied to education and training. The project is financed by the EU Erasmus+ programme.

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Project website:

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InnoWork,Towards a more innovative workplace, promotes innovation at work place by developing and delivering vocational teaching and training material, and builds a relationship across the sectors involved in the project which contributes to the sharing of knowledge between formal and informal education and training sectors. The fields present in the project are VET institutions, enterprise, higher education institutions research centre and regional technological park. The project is financed by the EU Erasmus+ programme.

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Project website:

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i-Skills, Fostering Innovation Skills as Key Competences for improving Employability of PhDs in SMEsaims to develop the innovation skills of the PhD holders and students, and the use, application and management of the innovation skills in SMEs, thus promote the employability of PhD holders and students in SMEs. This will be done through an online immersive game to be used in formal, informal and no formal learning contexts. At the same time university teachers and HRM professionals are guided to support the process and hence narrow the gap between the worlds of research and SMEs.

The project is financed by the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme, sub-programme KA3 – ICT, multilateral projects. 

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Project website:



Innocrafts, Innovating entrepreneurship policies in the CRAFTS sector (EU, Interreg IV) is an international development project which aims to promote entrepreneurship in arts and craft sector. The project focuses especially on SMEs and women and youth entrepreneurship, as well as in UNESCO world heritage areas and art cities. The project focuses on gathering, mapping and exchanging good practices, networks and experiences. The four themes are: business models and services for companies, Innovation and financial services, promoting the international aspect of SMEs, and youth and women entrepreneurship.

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Project website:

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EAAD, "Development of Bachelor Degree Program Entrepreneurship in Applied Arts and Design" project aims to develop and implement a new interdisciplinary university curriculum/study programme in the field of applied arts & design based on occupational and qualification standards in order to raise the entrepreneurial competences of Croatian graduates and increase their (self-) employability. The project is funded by structural instruments of the European Social Fund, and it is coordinated by VERN University of Applied Sciences. The other partners are Vaasa University of Applied Sciences (VAMK, Muova as the participating unit) and the Association of Former Students of the Applied Arts and Design School in Zagreb – UBU.



CSF, Creative Strategic Foresight (EU, LLP, Erasmus multilateral) developed a study module which combines creativity with strategic thinking and applied research with education. The study module assists the tertiary level bachelor students of business, economics and engineering to develop their competences in evaluating and foreseeing changes in business environment, to foster students’ creative capacities in strategic thinking, and to become able to adapt information and innovate. The study module provides a model of how to combine research with education and business life. It provides students with up-to-date applied research and entrepreneurial information.

The project website: csf. 

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CreaCIT – Creative Cross Innovation Tutor for product development is an education development project for the EU LLP, transversal programme KA3. It is a spin-off of the e-CIT project. The project designed, developed and tested a creative and cross disciplinary e-learning environment for product development. In the learning environment the students are guided towards creative and lateral thinking to foster commercial innovation and the use of user-centered design in new concepts and products. Narrative and constructive approaches and creativity are embedded in pedagogy. The main target groups are secondary and tertiary educational levels, students and their teachers. The interactive and multilingual (English, French and Spanish) e-learning environment created is named CreativeMe.

CreativeMe has been developed with the support of the European Commission (EU LLP, transversal programme KA3 – ICT). It is a spin-off of a pervious project called e-CIT.

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CreativeMe website: ja

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RMDD - Responsible Market Driven Design

RMDD, Responsible Market-Driven Design is a joint project of Western Finland Design Centre MUOVA, the University of Vaasa and the Umeå Institute of Design that seeks to create a new educational operating model. The project is funded by the EU’s cross-border cooperation programme Botnia Atlantica, the Regional Council of Ostrobothnia and the Umeå Institute of Design.

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Project website: link


DREAM (EU, Culture) - ”Design Recherche Europe Art Métiers” (Design and Research for the European Art and Craft Professions). Dream contributed in enhancing the image the general public and the younger generation has of the art and craft professions and to give these professions the meaning they once had. Dream concentrates on glass, wood and natural fibre. The project included workshops where design and handicraft students worked in teams, a research

of arts and crafts objects, developing an online gallery and a publication of student’s work.

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The website of the online gallery

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European Commitment to Entrepreneurship ECE (EU, LLP Leonardo da Vinci) is a transfer of innovation of the EJE entrepreneurship education method by Valnalón. The idea is to develop, translate and transfer the concept into national and organisational contexts, and realities applying partners experience and knowledge, and together to create a common (general) methodology. The applied knowledge is e.g. creativity, cultural knowledge and products in markets knowledge.

The target groups are 2nd and 3rd level students and teachers, education and entrepreneurship experts. Participating countries: Belgium (coordinator), Bulgaria, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Sweden.

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Project website:

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e-Craft Idea Tutor – creative e-learning environment for the craft sector (e-CIT), (EU, LLP, Leonardo da Vinci) an educational pilot project that aims to develop and test a creative e-learning environment for the second grade handicraft and applied arts students and teachers in the EU area. e-CIT unifies handicraft, creativity and multidisciplinary information, e.g. consumer information, future trends and history, in finding new product ideas and developing them into a customer-oriented product concept and products. e-CIT aims to answer the challenges of today, e.g. more conscious consumers and the Storytelling society.

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Website of the learning environment:

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