Design Thinking to different branches

Muovas design education transfers design thinking and design methods to companies, public sector and students in different fields.


DesignCamp is a development project where cross-disciplinary student teams and SMEs come together to create new and innovative solutions for the future. DesignCamp offers regional SMEs resouces and time to elaborate and get new ideas. Through the project the companies can experience how design brings new perspectives to their business and increase competitiveness. More over DesignCamp gives students from the regional universities a possibility to discover design methods and thinking in real life business development cases.

Contact information

Tommi Siljamäki | Account manager, senior designer | Tel. +358 50 573 4003 | tommi.siljamaki(at)

Hissa Annika | Director | Tel. +358 50 568 5863 | annika.hissa(at)