The development of a creative space for innovation activities


MUOVA has developed the Creative Lab, which supports companies and organizations as well as students and researchers in creativity and innovation activities. Creativelab is a creative and innovative experiential environment that incorporates experiential spaces, facilitating and creative, multisensory and participatory methods. In addition, Creativelab operates as an incubator for the Vaasa University consortium as well as learning and research environment.


In Creativelab the focus is on experiential learning. A process is built around an idea or a problem, and it simulates the innovation process within companies and organizations. The innovation process is based on the customers' needs and the focus on the design is in user-driven development. Also users and customers of the product or service, as well as external experts can participate in the innovation process. Creativelab provides companies and other organizations  training and development services, such as creative workshops for the development of products and services, brand building and clearing the vision.