D THINK, Design Thinking Applied to Education and Training


D THINK, Design Thinking Applied to Education and Training project aims to promote the use of design thinking in teaching transverse skills, as its name suggests. This is done by developing a digital course developing mobile learning. The course is intended for project target groups, which include the education professionals at universities and vocational training providers in organizations. The project target groups are key to the development of design and transversal thinking in students.

D THINK strives to meet the ever more demanding and rapidly changing labor market by reducing the gap between the challenge of higher education and the work life and the development of future workers in the so-called horizontal T-type thinkers who possess wider knowledge and skill base rather than narrow specialization. Transversal skills will help to develop broad-based thinking, and thus future-oriented teaching. Design Thinking is a useful method for the development of transversal, logical and problem-solving skills, social intelligence, the new and the adaptive thinking, creativity, culture competences, multi-discipline, and virtual collaboration skills, which are seen as important skills in the future.

Higher education institutions and vocational education have a responsibility and an opportunity to prepare current and future workers to become experts in these skills.

D-THINK project is funded by EU Erasmus+ program. The project concortium consists of 7 partners from 6 countries: 

Key information

The name of the project: D-THINK, Thinking Applied to Education and Training 

Abbreviation: D-THINK

The project timetable: 1.9.2014 – 31.8. 2017

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