Aims of the project

1. To develop and test a creative learning environment for the VET handicraft sector.

2. To practice creativity and consumer-oriented thinking as early as during the study period, preparing students for problem-oriented challenges of product design and of the working life and for independent thinking and directing students to develop products that are appealing to customers.

3. To modernize learning material, study habits and teaching methods in the handicraft field, for example, by introducing problem-oriented thinking and multidisciplinarity in handicraft education.

4. The development of students’ know-how and facility to respond better to the challenges of modern society.

5. To introduce new methods to teaching and learning: to acquaint students and teachers with e-learning.

6. To respond to both the systems and practices of national vocational education and European strategies of vocational education.

7. To create concrete preconditions for growth in terms of entrepreneurship within the sector. (Preparing students and the development of the sector’s e-learning contents and study habits). Effect on enterprise strategies of the sector along with new, modern and attractive products; the image of crafts sector will become stronger especially among the youth.

8. Possibility to adopt the e-CIT method for another field, such as for example tourism, food industry, plastic industry.

9. e-CIT as a material and/or example for researchers (e.g. PhD-students). This would bring the handicrafts and design sector into a new light and into the circle of scientific discussion.

The e-CIT -project is modernizing European handicraft and design education to correspond better with the demands of working life. In addition, e-CIT environment introduces a new inspiring e-learning method.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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