Prow Towards Circular Economy

The project's main goal is to create conditions for the boat industriy to move from a linear economic model towards circular economy. The project will create demonstrations, new know-how, operating models and networks related to recyclable materials and 3D printing technology, as well as ecological product design and circular economy business models. The project focuses especially on deck solutions that utilize recyclable materials, 3D printing, customizable product solutions and lifecycle services. The target group is SMEs in the boat industry and their supply chains.

The main activities of the project are:

Consumer research to create understanding of future of boaters, boat operator segments and consumption practices as the drivers of product and service development.

Technology and trend mapping, which aims to find suitable technical solutions that enable life-cycle thinking to be implemented in the boat industry.

Development of product concepts for different user segments based on consumer and technology mapping. Product concepts are visual descriptions of the future products, their functionalities, use and operating environment, and technological solutions.

Develompent of a product-service system for circular economy solutions and service models based on a circular economy. Solutions are built on the life cycle of a product, especially on its final stage, such as reuse and recycling of parts or sustainable disposal.

Demonstrations of selected product concepts and their provided product, service and production solutions in the form of 3D models, 3D prints and videos.


The Eco-Boat project is implemented by Design Centre Muova during 1 November 2021 to 31 June 2023. and is funded by the REACT-EU instrument as a part of the European Union’s crisis response measures to the COVID-19 pandemic.