Intelligent multi-purpose environment to illustrate energy technology


Energy Land project examined ways to illustrate the energy expertise with the help of space solutions. The result was descriptions of intelligent multi-use environments where the energy technology was presented in an exciting way. Design methods and multisensory information technology were used in the development of space solutions. Multi-purpose environments were developed in a user-friendly way. It was thus necessary to fit different user needs in a coherent and interesting entity. The users of a cross-platform are companies, tourists, residents and educational institutions.


EnergyLand Partners

The coordinator of the Energy Land project was Western Finland Design Centre MUOVA and the research partner was the University of Tampere TAUCHI Research Centre. The partners were Wärtsilä, Vaasa Electricity, KPO, EPV Energy, Stormossen as well as the city of Vaasa, Technobotnia of the University of Vaasa, Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, the development of the Vaasa region Vasek, Technology Centre Merinova, Tietomaa Science Centre and the Heureka Science Centre. The project was funded by Tekes and partners (600.000 e). The project started 1.10.2011.