The testing of the company's brand virtually in international markets



International brand management is particularly challenging due to different market and cultural environment. Collection of international market knowledge and experiential knowledge and understanding of international consumers produce significant benefits when making decisions about their brand. What kinds of images does our brand raise in people? How do cultural differences affect the interpretation of our brand? How should our brand be developed and should it be communicated on international markets? In which new market areas should the brand be launched?


ImageTestLab in the Swedish and Russian markets

The aim of ImageTestLab project was to develop a web-based testing environment for managing international brand as well as international customer data gathering and analysis. Methods from design, business administration and IT were used in the planning of the environment. The test environment was piloted and the brand of each of the participating companies was tested in international markets. The test was implemented in Sweden and Russia, which were chosen together with the companies involved. The results of the testing were presented in the form of brand analysis.

Participating companies: Oras, Ruukki, Mirka and Jalas.