Innovating entrepreneurship policies in the CRAFTS sector


INNOCRAFTS is an international development project promoting entrepreneurship in the handicraft sector. The project focuses especially on promoting the SME entrepreneurship among women and children. The projects target areas are particularly the UNESCO world heritage areas and art cities.

The Innocrafts  projectpromotes handicraft entrepreneurship  by exchanging experiences and good practices between the participating countries. The term good practices means projects, processes, techniques and methods, which are found to be valuable; which are not bound to a place, but can be carried out in different countries. The second aim of the project is to increase actors’ and stakeholders’ awareness of practices in different countries.

The themes

Innocrafts focuses on four themes:
1. Business models and business support services - including e.g. business incubators
2. Access to innovation, design and financial assistance to SMEs
3. Internationalization, professional networking and information exchange - e.g. exhibitions, competitions, web shops.
4. Promotion of entrepreneurship among specific target groups such as young and female entrepreneurs.  

The INNOCRAFTS project is financed by European Union’s Interreg IVC-programme. The coordinator of the project is the Municipality of Florence.  The other partners come from: Italy, France, Spain, Ireland, Slovakia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Finland. 

Project publications

Final and interim publication:

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Innocrafts brochure

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