Ix3 Intelligent International Industry

Älykäs kansainvälinen teollisuus

The significance of databased business increases in global business world. Despite the potential, advanced digital solutions, such as artificial intelligence, robotics or industrial internet are weakly utilized among Finnish companies. Neither do the companies see digitalization as an important factor in innovation or internationalization. In addition, the global challenges and opportunities require deep and collaborative ingenuity, which calls for new models of learning and corporate renewal.

Ix3-project aims at developing the supply and quality of higher education in the structural change of industrial SMEs, which is driven by digitalisation. The project fosters the capabilities of industrial micro, small and medium-sized companies in developing intelligent product-service systems for international markets. In the project, we develop and pilot an educational program for developing and internationalizing intelligent industrial solutions.

The educational program is in Finnish and it can be found at https://ix3.muovadigital.net/

The educational program is based on collaborative learning, work and development. Collaborative learning involves a multidisciplinary research team, industrial and ICT companies. The project pilots the educational program with three industrial SMEs and carry out co-learning projects. The project results in a model for co-learning and co-development, a learning platform, educational material and program for developing and internationalizing intelligent industrial solutions.

The project is carried out by Design Centre MUOVA (VAMK Ltd. University of Applied Sciences), Strategic Business Development -research group, and the Digital Economy -research platform from University of Vaasa.

The project started in the beginning of 2020 and lasts until the end of June 2022. The project is funded by European Union ESF, University of Vaasa and VAMK Ltd. University of Applied Sciences.