Market-oriented design in SMEs

M2, ie market-oriented design project focuses on the what, how, when and why the customer and competitor knowledge is required. Large companies have resources to take care of collecting customer information systematically, but in small and medium-sized enterprises, collecting customer information is not self-evident. Methods must be simple, flexible and applicable to the company, so the company-specific training is necessary.

m2 2.png

M2 project is based on the needs of enterprises, so every business project has been shaped differently. What kind of information the company needs from customers or competitors, what kind of methods of data can be achieved and how the information can be utilized in the company's operations? Projects have progressed with the help of discussions with the companies and the companies have been able to actively influence the content of the project.

m2 1.png

M 2 project had four companies:  Urho Viljanmaa Oy,  Avec-Shoe Ltd, Inha Works Ltd. and Lapuaketjut Oy.