Enhancing innovation processes by focusing on identification and producuction of service value for customers


The aim of the Quick Steps project was to allocate service innovation in knowledge-intensive businesses towards right development targets in terms of customers and the company. The project developed a user-centric approach to managing customer value, which can be used to identify, generate and test the relevant service value to the customer. This was done by answering the following research questions:

1. How can qualitative methods be boosted to enhance and clarify the value of the service?

2. How does service design and information technology support the production of service value?

3. How does the management model developed support the hit accuracy of service innovation?


The project was coordinated by Muova and the research partner was the department of Information Processing Science at the University of Oulu. There were four companies involved: Anvia Corporation, Stormossen Ab Oy Transpoint Oy Ab and Oy Vaasa Electric.