Demonstration platform for resource-wise ecosystems


Resource-wise solutions are based on the idea of sustainable and low-carbon solutions focusing on four main topics. Resource-wise solutions include

  • energy efficiency and renewable energy,
  • material efficiency and wise use of natural resources,
  • circular economy and
  • reduction of waste.

In addition, the solutions are developed in a holistic way which focuses on environmental impact of the whole value chain and product life-cycle instead of partial optimisation.

Illustrating resource-wise solutions

The aim of the project is to develop a demonstration and research platform as well as demonstrations for presenting resource-wise industrial solutions. The demonstration platform is build upon CoProtolab environment which is enhanced with tools and functionalities for illustrating resource-wise ecosystems in VR environment.

The demonstrations are developed in two iteration cycles, which focuses on different resource wise strategies. Visions are created for the basis of demonstrations in collaboration with companies, researchers and stakeholders. The virtual demonstrations will be presented in the events targeted at regional SMEs.

The demonstration platform and demonstrations support resource wise society and the R&D of sustainable product-service systems industrial SMEs and universities in Ostrobothnia. The project results in a resource-wise visions and demonstrations, virtual environment for illustrating and studying resource-wise value networks, ecosystems and product-service systems.

Concrete results

  • demonstration, research, learning, experiment and innovation platform for resource-wise industry,
  • 4 product-service visions of resource-wisdom,
  • 2 VR demonstrations of resource-wise solutions
  • 2 envisioning workshops and
  • 4 demonstration events.

Project is implemented in the collaboration with VAMK Design Centre MUOVA and University of Vaasa – Vebic. The project is funded by EU ERDF program, Regional Council of Ostrobothnia and the project partners. The project started 1.4.2020 and it continues until 31.3. 2022.

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Project manager
Miia Lammi
miia.lammi(at) | +358 50 4084969

Contact person of University of Vaasa
Karita Luokkanen-Rabertino | +358 29 449 8183