Responsible Market Driven Design


Responsible Market Driven Design is a project by the Western Finland Design Centre Muova, University of Vaasa and Umeå Institute of Design that aims to create new educational collaboration. The project is funded by EU’s cross-border cooperation program Botnia-Atlantica, Regional Council of Ostrobothnia and Umeå Institute of Design.

The objective of the project is to create common understanding and a plan for action for cross-border education and development between Muova, Umeå Institute of Design and University of Vaasa. The cooperation extends to the organisations’ personnel, students’ curriculum and regions’ industry and commerce.

Starting points for the project are the areas which have been stated as important in regional strategies. The project pays attention to the partners’ special know-how and tries to find new possibilities for developing the region. Today’s competitive educational market requires new plans for action that are innovative, productive and give students competence for working life.

The objective for the educational part of the project is to create a model for action between the organizations and educational situations. After completing these objectives the intention is to create a new three-year Botnia-Atlantica project, which includes projects from the regions’ industry and commerce.