Evaluation and development project for international corporate image



A comprehensive, consistent and distinctive corporate image is an important competitive advantage in both domestic and international markets. Operating in the international market, as well as profitable growth in new market areas are major challenges for small and medium-sized companies. Particularly challenging is to know how the company and its products appear in the target market; do the products stand out for the benefit of the company and do they meet the relevant customers perceptions and needs.

The Visual project was a corporate image evaluation and development project, which was carried out in 2002-2004. It was funded by Ostrobothnia Employment and Economic Development Centre. The project focused on building the corporate image at the strategic level. At the same time it served as corporate training and learning project. Learning enables companies to better manage their brand image both comprehensively and internationally. The learning process included national and international evaluation of the corporate image. The companies were given access to the corporate image guidelines developed during the project, which allowed them to self-assess, develop and plan the activities related to their corporate image.