Renewal through research and development

Research on design methods and applying design to significant challenges and opportunties

Companies' research partner

Muovas research is looking for ways to support the competitiveness of companies and to renew the business by means of design thinking and design methods. The research is interdisciplinary and networked and it combines economics and design know-how. Muova´s strenght lies in a close cooperation with companies, in particular SMEs,  strong research networks as well as innovative research topics.

Results to companies and the research community

Versatile publishing produces not only academic articles but also popularized publications, workbooks and guides to business needs. The themes of the research come from significant phenomena and challenges in both social and economic life as well as the ways design can help to  solve and create a sustainable society.

Design research projects

Muovas design research is mainly carried out by Tekes public research projects. The companies are participating in research projects as utilisers, so projects are planned on the basis of companies' needs and wishes. An approach and process, new knowledge and research information, as well as specific product-service solutions are typically results of a research project. 

Envisioning concept generation
Wave (2009-2010) visioning boat industry´s products and services, Tekes Boat program
DESME (2007-2008) Designing Smart Energy, changing household energy behavior through design, Tekes MUOTO 2005! Program
ProVision (2005) Product Visions as SMEs  learning tool, Tekes MUOTO 2005! Program
M2 (2002-2003) Market-oriented design in SMEs, Tekes MUOTO 2005! Program

User-centered service design
VETCombo (2011-2014), Tekes Water Programme  A user-centered service system of water Ecosystem information
Quicksteps (2009-2011), Tekes Serve program,  Enhancement of corporate innovation process by focusing on the customer to identify and produce relevant service value
Desire (2007-2009), Tekes Serve program, Renewal of the innovation market-driven service through design

Experiential and creative spaces
Energyland (2011-2013) Intelligent multi-purpose environment to illustrate energy technology
OVET (2009-2011) the impact of the physical, social and virtual spaces for creativity in innovation users, Tekes Tila program
Creativelab (2007-2009) The development of creative and experiental innovation environment to support creativity and innovation in organizations, students and researchers

Brand building
ImageTestLab (2008-2010) A virtual testing tool for company's brand in international markets , Tekes

Transformation  design
D.Inc (2015-2016) Renewal of companies innovation culture with the help of design thinking
CU India (2013-2015) The commitment of value networks in the development of renewable energy systems in India, Tekes Groove program
VETCombo (2011-2014) Tekes Water Programme  A user-centered service system of water Ecosystem information
Open Wave (2010-2012) Open innovation for the future of the boating industry, Tekes Boat program

List of Publications

Muova publishes both academic articles and publications aimed at business life. MUOVA Design Research discusses the results of research projects. Muovaaja presents the formulation of concrete examples. New ideas and approaches can be found in MUOVA's publications.


If you have any wishes, ideas or needs for research projects, please contact us!

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