e-Craft Idea Tutor, a creative e-learning environment for the craft sector


During the e-CIT project a creative e-learning environment, Craftopolis, was developed and tested. The main target groups are secondary school craft sector, students and teachers. Craftopolis guides students into creative problem solving and product development, thereby coaching them to entrepreneurship, independent thinking and the challenges of working life and society. The result was consumer-oriented product concepts, as well as an increased understanding of the students own branch, and its possible applications.

The learning environment is based on constructivist pedagogy and narratives.

Creativity practices built around cross-cutting tasks guide to creative thinking. At the same time Craftopolis is interesting and stimulating: the learning environment itself is the story of (the city), each mission is a story, and in addition the stories act as a source of inspiration. The stories make learning more meaningful and contribute to memory.

Craftopolis includes in addition to the tasks the background material, as well as the guidance of the tasks and their assessment, and a webreport about the project, creativity, narrative learning and the possibilities of learning environments.

e-CIT is funded by EU's Leonardo da Vinci.