Product Visions as a learning tool for SMEs


ProVision - Product Visions of SMEs as a learning tool was a research project funded by Tekes. The project examined how product visioning can serve as a learning tool for SMEs. Provision Project found that product visioning helps the management to review the information on the operating environment from new perspectives and handle the information more systematically.

Benefits of the product envisioning methods

The product visioning can act as a pioneer for companies raising a debate about where the industry is going and in what direction the company should actually go. With the help of product visioning, the future has become more concrete and clarify the thoughts of the company´s own business opportunities.

provision 1.png

The product visioning promotes the sharing, the creation and exploitation of knowledge within companies. Product visioning serves as a good platform for discussion promoting future discussion between individuals in different positions, and integrating strategic and operational level of thinking. Product visioning has brought the ideas to a level, where persons working in various positions can easily reflect their ideas to a concrete level.

Provision projects industrial partners were Ab Ekeri Oy, Gym Market Oy Ab Solving Oy and Oy Urho Viljanmaa.