USR-NET (2015-2018)


European Network of Socially Responsible Universities

USR-NET, European Network of Socially Responsible Universities (2015 – 2018). The project aims to promote the integration of social responsibility into higher education curricula in Europe. It accomplishes this through a transferrable blended learning package of transversal contents on higher education institutions’ (HEI) social responsibility which can be incorporated into curricula, and by creating a stakeholder database to promote cooperation, synergy and networking among HEI communities (professors, students and staff) and related stakeholders (enterprises, schools, NGOs, policy makers, institutions, etc.). In this way, it seeks to influence the labour market and society as a whole. The target groups of the project are university students and staff, and professionals from different sectors.

The project is co-funded by the EU’s Erasmus+, Strategic Partnership programme.

Project consortium:

-        CONEXX – EUROPE ASBL (coordinator), Belgium

-        FORUM TREES, Trabajo, Educación y Equidad Social, Belgium

-        Innovate4Future - Centrul pentru Solutii Educationale Avansate, Romania

-        Innovation Training Center, S.L., Spain

-        Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade, Portugal

-        Militos Consulting S.A., Greece

-        Universita degli studi di roma la sapienza, Italy

-        University of CADIZ, Spain

-        Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, Finland

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