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The need of sustainable, digital and systemic transformation of industry is urgent due to the climate change as well as energy, material and component shortage. Manufacturing companies are motivated to develop services next to their products in order to comply with the changes in the business environment. These products-service systems (PSS) have significant ecological potential as products are designed, used, maintained, recycled appropriately and remote solutions support customers’ business operations. However, companies are struggling to implement PSS strategies due to complex transition process requiring significant changes in business.

This project concentrates on sustainable product service system design, which integrates design, business and technological competences in developing sustainable and digital business. The project aims at improving research capabilities, quality and impact of cross disciplinary RDI activities in PSS design in order to boost digital servitization and sustainable development in the industry. It develops research practices for collaboration and dissemination of new knowledge, demonstrations and competences to the industry.

DesignPSS opens opportunities for sustainable innovations on the levels of products, business and ecosystems through design as an integrative activity. The project focuses on design practices, processes and methods for customer-orientation, creativity, and efficiency. It highlights the role of visualisation, co-creation and quick prototyping for facilitating innovation. Through design approaches, the project fosters innovation competences related to sustainable development, digitalisation, servitisation, XR and databased systems.

The project results in new RDI competences and practices as well as a PSS design toolbox containing design methods for digital servitization for sustainability. The identified ecosystems for the project collaboration are transportation, construction and metal industry, which all has critical role in decreasing environmental impact. The direct impact of the project is innovation for digital and low carbon industry. It also establishes long-term capabilities for international and national research collaboration and transformative RDI activities.

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