Design centre MUOVA has acted as a bridge builder between the academic world and business life for more than 30 years. Since 1988, Muova's mission has been to promote the international competitiveness of SMEs through design.

Muova has created a distinctive interdisciplinary operating environment for research and development, teaching, and business cooperation. Muova engages in close cooperation with domestic businesses and its international cooperation network is strong. Muova is known as a reliable and innovative partner.

Team Muova

Annika Hissa

Sanna Virkkala-Kuusisto

Miia Lammi

Development manager
Research and development
050 4084969 / 020 7663637

Pertti Aula

Research manager
050 568 5153 / 020 766 3306

Tommi Siljamäki

Design Manager
Company services
050 5734003

Jari Ratilainen

Project manager
Growth incubator
040 1829027

Tanja Oraviita

EU Erasmus+, Interreg programme, Horizon programme, Europe Aid

Project manager
International projects
040 1632940

Sanna Peltonen

Project manager, Senior researcher
Market-driven design
050 4083638

Marianne Laurila

Janne Pekkala

Veera Hautala

040 7488185

Kimi Wennström

Project manager, industrial designer
050 4737998

Elise Raittila

Project manager

Tomi Palosmaa

Senior specialist

Meri Tuomela

Meri Lammi

Project worker
050 4393883 / 020 7663661

Asko Uuras

Asko Uuras

Senior specialist, ditalization
040 9605297

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