CReative Actions For Tailoring Smes' COmpetitive DEvelopment

CRAFTS CODE aims to enhance the competitiveness of craft SMEs by developing a framework to stimulate policy learning and build capacity to improve the implementation of regional development policies and programmes. 

CRAFTS CODE will work with stakeholders to identify the barriers to SMEs working in the craft sector and in relation to accessing financial, professional and developmental supports. The project aims to assist interagency communication and co-ordination of available supports in each partner’s region. Project partners aim to influence policy development at a regional level and to improve access to supports for business start-ups, business expansion and higher innovation levels in micro-enterprises. 

The four main topics addressed by CRAFTS CODE include:

  1. How to improve innovation in business models and process 
  2. Access to new markets 
  3. Innovative approaches and tools to modernise the craft sector 
  4. Access to Finance

The project consortium

  1. Municipality of Florence, coordinator, Italy
  2. Design and Crafts Council of Ireland, Ireland
  3. Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, Finland
  4. Artesis Plantijn University College Antwerp, Belgium
  5. EOI Foundation, Spain
  6. Budapest Foundation for Enterprise Promotion, Hungary
  7. Ram Central Stara Planina, Romania
  8. Regional Council of Ostrobothnia, Finland
  9. Ministry of Economy, European Funds for Competitiveness Directorate General, Hungary

Read our press release here: Press release 4ITS Madrid.pdf

The project website:


The project in a nutshell:

Project name: CReative Actions For Tailoring Smes’ COmpetitive DEvelopment

Short name: CRAFTS CODE
The duration of the duration: 1.8.2019– 31.7.2023
The funder and the programme: EU,  Interreg Europe

Project number: PGI05964

For more information:

VAMK: Tanja Oraviita  | +358 40 163 2940 | tanja.oraviita(at) 

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Project manager

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