Growth incubator

West Coast Startup is a joint business incubator of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences and Vaasa University. The core of the operation is supporting startup teams and companies in the early stages with agile development methods. We offer support for developing and testing a business idea and starting a company. We work with both new and existing companies.

From idea to business

West Coast Startup (WCS) promotes entrepreneurial skills and prerequisites for the success and growth potential of start-up companies through design methods. Service design, product design and business design appear as mutually complementary elements and as the basic pillars of our operations. The core activity is based on team coaching and facilitating development.

Incubator services

Idea sparring and coaching

West Coast Startup offers support for starting a company and developing and testing a business idea.

Hautomo offers services to both new and already operating companies.

Fast testing and validation

Rapid prototyping, challenging initial assumptions, and testing and validating an idea are also a significant part of the incubator’s operating principle. A genuine understanding of the customers creates certainty for the implementation of the idea.

Spin off -services

Support for commercialisation of research-based activities or turning a new idea from the business world into a business.

For businesses

Business design

Design also helps to structure the business concept at the level of strategy and operations. Business design, i.e. business development that utilizes design methods, is excellent for planning and testing business ideas and models, as well as the agile development of new service and product concepts.

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Hackathons and workshops

We are familiar with joint development.

Hackathons provide a good opportunity to involve the students in our higher education community in the development of new innovative solutions using co-development methods.

The company’s internal facilitated workshops are well suited for rapid development procedures and experiments.


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