Design PSS

The industry needs systems development

The need for change the in industry is accelerating due to the challenges in the sustainable development, digitalisation and the security situation. More comprehensive and networked solutions are needed to meet societal challenges.

Product service systems (PSS) support the customer’s operations comprehensively. They have a significant ecological potential whilst the products are designed, used, maintained, recycled appropriately and the remote solutions support the operation of the product. Companies in the manufacturing industry are motivated to develop services alongside their products. However, companies have difficulties implementing PSS strategies due to complex change processes.

Systems development know-how
through cooperation


DesignPSS project focuses on designing sustainable product service systems. Systems design combines planning, business and technological know-how to develop sustainable and digital business. Project:

  • Develops system solutions together with companies
  • Produces open demonstrations of product-service systems
  • Builds a system design development kit
  • Develops research expertise to launch more impactful projects


The project approaches the development of systems from the perspectives of a system solution, data-based business and a networked ecosystem. The project focuses on customer-oriented, creative and productive design practices, processes and methods. It emphasizes the role of visualization, co-development and rapid prototyping in the development of innovations.

The ecosystems identified in the cooperation project are transport, construction and the metal industry, all of which play a key role in reducing environmental impacts.

IMPACT change campaign for the makers of the future

Become a partner of Muotoilukeskus MUOVA in the IMPACT change campaign! #impact23

Vaasa University of Applied Sciences’ Design Center MUOVA is an innovative development partner and a pioneer in design. We are celebrating our 35 years of design by turning our eyes to the future, i.e. to the youth. The sustainable society of the future needs both technological solutions and a human touch. The changes of the future especially affect young people, however their role in discussions about the future remains small from time to time. Together, we can respond to the challenges and wishes presented by young people, creating an appealing and attractive Vaasa region.

The IMPACT change campaign for the makers of the future does not collect money, but actions. Actions can be small or big, steps towards a better future. No one builds the future alone, and that’s why we ask for partners to join the change. What is your promise? How does your organization participate in building and achieving a common goal? The promise of the design center MUOVA is: to bring Vaasa youth, decision-makers, experts and influencers to a common table. Together, we develop the Vaasa region, where it is meaningful for young people to build a long-lasting future.

*Invitation events are mainly conducted in Finnish, but participants can use both national languages (Finnish/Swedish) and English.


Contents of the IMPACT change campaign events

Design Buffet

Skilled and enthusiastic people are the building blocks of our region’s vibrancy and attraction! Now is the time to focus on young adults and think together about how we can create an even more attractive place to live and work in the Vaasa region. Design Buffet offers a breakfast where students can share their wishes on wall boards and create an impetus for change. We invite teachers to share what they promise to do for a meaningful life for young people. Based on the wishes, we develop ideas together with our partners and make the wishes concrete.

Design Buffet opens the doors to MUOVA’s new premises. Welcome to the design exhibition and our innovative projects. The breakfast buffet is offered to the first 100 participants, but the doors are open throughout the morning. Come and make an impact and be part of the change!

The design center MUOVA offers a Design Buffet on 16 November 2023 from 9 am to 12 pm at Wolffintie 36 F 2.

The event is open to everyone.

Design Think Tank

The design think tank brings together young influencers, stakeholders and experts in the region to solve the challenges and wishes raised by young people to improve the holding power of the Vaasa region. Design Think Tank builds a common vision and makes promises about concrete development measures. The results of the workshop will be published in the media and a podcast series will be compiled from them on design day 2024.

The event is an invitation-only.

Design Lounge

The design center Muova has been building an innovative and sustainable future with companies and partners for over 35 years. We celebrate our journey together by offering Design Think tank invited guests a cocktail event with a local tasting menu and drink, live music and a joint artwork. Guests also have the opportunity to get to know the Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art’s Line to Space exhibition.

The event is an invitation-only.


“VaasaHack” – The Hackathon event brings together 90 VAMK students to innovate new business ideas around four optional challenges. The event is organized at Wärtsilä’s Sustainable Technology Hub in cooperation with Vasek. The number of employees in Vaskiluoto has grown rapidly in recent years, but the services in the area have not grown at the same pace. In one of the challenges, the students innovated new business ideas to improve the employee experience in the area.

The event if full.

Check out the IMPACT change campaign privacy notice (FI).

Take part in the IMPACT-change campaign online

You can participate in the IMPACT change campaign by sharing your wishes for the development of the Vaasa region online. Share your wishes here.

Osallistu, kehitä ja opi

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Miia Lammi

DesignPSS-hankkeen projektipäällikkö
050 4084969 / 020 7663637

Tommi Siljamäki

050 5734003

Pertti Aula

Järjestelmäratkaisujen kehittäminen 
020 766 3306 / 050 5685153

Tomi Paalosmaa

Datapohjaisen liiketoiminnan kehittäminen

Marianne Laurila

Ekosysteemien kehittäminen
050 4083819

Projektin tiedot

  • Projektin nimi: DesignPSS – Designing sustainable product-service systems
  • Projektin kesto: 1.1.2023-31.12.2024
  • Rahoitus: Yhteensä: 530.400 €, Opetus- ja kulttuuriministeriö: 424.320 €