Business Opportunities in Sustainable Bioeconomy

We are planning an educational program on business opportunities in the bioeconomy, providing practical learning materials and examples of innovative solutions.

Our aim is to enhance employment prospects in the bio-based production sector, replacing jobs exiting from the peat sector. The project supports continuous learning through participatory design and a digital learning environment.

Project duration: 4/2024 – 6/2026 
Budget: 219,578 €
EU funding: 175,662 €

Project activities

Bioeconomy Value Chains

The project investigates and describes the current state, trends, and customer needs in the bioeconomy. Describing industry knowledge, trends, and customer needs supports the identification of business opportunities.

Demonstrations and Conceptualization

The project utilizes design methods in developing and testing business opportunities in the bioeconomy, together with the project’s target audience.

Development of the Training Program

Using the information generated and feedback gathered from the target audience, a digital learning environment is created. This environment includes practical training materials and learning tasks.


Kimi Wennström

+358 50 473 7998