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The NOVA project of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences’ Design Center MUOVA and Seinäjoki’s association of education municipalities Sedu offers targeted educational content for oversupplied fields. The goal of the training is to support career paths by improving labor market competitiveness. In addition to people working in oversupply sectors, the target group is also people outside the workforce.

The goal of the project is to strengthen the skills of employees working or intending to work in the textile, clothing and fashion industry as well as in the cultural sector (media/graphic sector) in South Ostrobothnia and Ostrobothnia, to increase labor market competitiveness in current positions in oversupplied fields, to enable further training for new positions opening up in the fields, and to support career paths within sectors.

Change as a motivator: Future working skills education

Target areas are identified in Vaasa University of Applied Sciences’ Design Center MUOVA training
the current hard and soft skills of the personnel, which enable the individual to work more competitively,
more sustainable and innovative. We focus on brand identity, customer orientation, to digital skills and tools and our encouragement to create partnerships.

It is possible to get a total of three credits from the course set. The student can after the soft skills study unit (1 ECTS), continue studying branding and to the whole of customer orientation (1 ECTS), which is aimed especially at sole proprietors or small entrepreneurs or to digital skills (1 credit), which is aimed at a wider target group.

Course offerings

Soft skills 1 and 2 (1 credit)

  • Course content: imagery, openness, curiosity, creativity, understanding of change and initiative, motivation, self-knowledge, interpersonal skills, tolerance and culture, teamwork and problem-solving ability, self-management, multidisciplinary, networking and partnership, and standing out on LinkedIn.
  • Course goal: After the course, the student will be able to identify their own soft and hard skills and
    use them in working life.

Customer orientation and branding (1 credit)

  • Course content: introduction to customer orientation, through the eyes of the customer, customer persona, empathy map, customer path, redesign, case study, brand analysis, brand communication, branding statement, online presence, strategic planning and action plan.
  • Course goal: After the course, the student understands the basic principles of customer orientation and branding and can use them in their own work tasks.

Digital skills and tools (1 credit)

  • Course content: digital skills and competence, changing online environment, digital communication skills, digital content production and creativity, information search and management, online security, collaboration and communication tools, content production and marketing, artificial intelligence, data analysis and information science, programming and software development.
  • Course goal: After the course, the student has an understanding of her own digital skills and the digital tools needed in working life.

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Duration of the project: 5.12.2022 – 28.2.2025

Principal implementer: Vaasa University of Applied Sciences

Project partner: Seinäjoki’s educational municipality association Sedu

The training is financed by the Center for Continuous Learning and Employment. The Service Center promotes the development of the skills of working-age people and the availability of a skilled workforce. The service center’s operations are directed by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Labor and Economy.

Total budget: 159.200 €

WP 1. Teachers and project workers do student/participant recruitment outside the campus. We contact workplaces and places where target group members meet in cooperation with business partners and new contacts, together identify skill gaps and needs and inform about training and events.

WP 2. VAMK develops training to identify current skills in hard and soft skills, to act to be more competitive, sustainable and innovative by focusing on (brand) identity, customer orientation and encouraging partnerships, as well as digital skills. The tools are combined with Sedu training, VAMK’s independent use and can be used freely online.

WP3. Sedu plans/implements need-specific training in cooperation with working life partners. The training varies from a few hours to a few months, and it is carried out online and face-to-face (at workplaces, partly on the Sedu campus), including guidance and support. Sedu uses the existing eKampus and Moodle.

WP4. Developing training methods/guidance between workplace trainers and educational institutions. Let’s transfer part of the training to the workplace. Digitization is used in education (multimodal, hybrid), online courses and clear language options.


Change as a motivator 22.11.2023

17:00-19:00 @ Design Centre MUOVA | Vaasa

Are you still looking for your own path in working life? Join us on an exploration of your own strengths and get inspired to develop the soft and hard skills you need in working life. In November’s Motivation for Change training events, you can take your first step towards the world of new job opportunities and reflect on your own goals and working life opportunities.

At the events, we present the themes and contents of the course, which offer tools for job hunting and employment in creative fields. In the events, there is also the opportunity to take part in photography, which you can use later in course assignments as well. Come join the stimulating, communal and warm learning environment in Vaasa or Seinäjoki.


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