Sustainable business from artificial intelligence

The main objective of the AI2Business project is to develop an open online training program that fosters development, assessment, and application of AI in various industries. The training program combines technology, human orientation and business, as well as a practical, multidisciplinary approach to learning.  

AI2Business project offers learning resources based on actual AI experiments, an online learning platform, and a structured learning process for this educational initiative. 

AI2Businesss training program is aimed at companies and organizations, especially SMEs in Ostrobothnia, to help them with digitalization and to effectively integrate AI into their operations. 

Duration of the project: 08/2023-12/2025 

Total budget: 428.588 € 

EU funding: 342.870 € 

Implementers of the AI2Business project

VAMK University of applied sciences | Design Centre Muova

Sanna Peltonen | Project manager
+358 50 408 3638

University of Vaasa | School of Management

Marko Kohtamäki | Professor
+358 44 971 0432

University of Vaasa | School of Technology and Innovations

Jani Boutellier | Associate Professor
+358 29 449 8465 


Sanna Peltonen

Project manager

+358 50 408 3638