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Sustainable business from artificial intelligence

AI2Business project aims to establish an open online training program to foster the develoopment, assessment, and practical application of AI in business. 

Target group 

The main target group of the project is working-age population in Ostrobothnia, with a special focus on employees and managers who require updated skills for the digital transition. 

AI2Business training program is aimed at companies and organizations, especially SMEs in Ostrobothnia, to help them with digitalization and to effectively integrate AI into their operations. 



AI-related competence network supporting work-oriented learning 

Open online AI2Business training program 

Learning materials derived from AI experiments 

New expertise in developing AI-based solutions for business

Project info

AI2Business is a group project co-funded by the European Union. Project is implemented by Vaasa University of Applied Sciences and University of Vaasa.  

Duration of the project: 08/2023-12/2025 |  Total budget: 428.588 € | EU funding: 342.870 € 

Implementers of the AI2Business project

VAMK University of applied sciences | Design Centre Muova

Sanna Peltonen | Project manager
+358 50 408 3638

University of Vaasa | School of Management

Marko Kohtamäki | Professor
+358 44 971 0432

University of Vaasa | School of Technology and Innovations

Jani Boutellier | Associate Professor
+358 29 449 8465 

Project publications

The media release has been published in Finnish


Sanna Peltonen

Project manager

+358 50 408 3638