New publication about localization of products and services in India

Muova Admin

New MUOVA Design Research publication explains what kind of experiences and practices nine Finnish SMEs have for localization of products and services in Indian markets.

The role and importance of the Base of the Pyramid markets are rising. Thus companies seeking for growth have to think how they can be competitive in these markets. Attention has to be paid especially to the localisation aspects in the product/service offering. Here, the design approach can play an important role. Design Centre MUOVA studied the special features of the BoP market and the design approach to facilitate the localisation of nine SME’s product offering in Indian markets. The study pointed out that Finnish SME’s localise their offering for Indian B-to-B markets. They design goals and principles were listed and analysed based on the theoretical background and the company interviews. Especially, the SME’s used design principles concerning customers, staff and stakeholders. However, the process was not very systematic. Design-oriented exploratory and generative methods such as stakeholder maps, personas and customer journey maps could be valuable in supporting the localisation.

Research report