Boosting Space Business

Our project consortium of university and research institute members focuses on the developing space innovation ecosystem in the Aurora Interreg region for boosting space business. By supporting and guiding this ecosystem’s form and function, it will respond to more efficiently advance commercial and sustainability processes needed to address societal issues in the region today and in the future. Together with relevant actors and stakeholders from across the Interreg Aurora region (Aurora and Sápmi), the project will facilitate current and future development and functionality of a cross-border innovation ecosystem for enhanced collaboration and new business generation.
The project will improve the commercial space ecosystem in the region and implement a space-supportive academia-industry education, mobility and exchange component to spur innovation and research network actions. The Interreg Aurora area’s networked space sector together will present a new largess to international actors with the aspiration to be the “Silicon Valley” of space in the Nordics. We will have a better defined, better functioning space economy ecosystem for the businesses across the FIN/SWE/NOR northern extent with activities improving the competitiveness of SMEs in the region’s space upstream and downstream sectors.

Project period 1.10.2023-30.9.2026




Jari Ratilainen

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