”Design Recherche Europe Art Métiers” (Design and Research for the European Art and Craft Professions)

Dream (2010-2011) is a project of the EU’s Culture program. The project is designed to bring back the image that the general public and the younger generation has of the art and craft professions and to give these professions the meaning they once had. The aim of the project is to make these professions more accessible in Europe, by presenting them in a more attractive light.

Research will be conducted in the partner countries in the areas of glass, natural fibre and wood. Based on this research European students and graduates will have the opportunity to reposition the identity and image of these professions by participating in master classes. These experimental training will unite heritage with creativity and will be held in Finland, Italy and Spain.

The result of the project will be published during the opening and closing conference as well as on the project’s webpage and through press relations. Additionally, a leaflet and a catalogue about the project’s outcome will be published. The European DREAM CRAFT Gallery can be found under http://dreamcraftgallery.eu/.

The project is coordinated by SEMA in France and the participating partners are FUNDESARTE (Spain), OmA (Italy), Astra NMC (Romania), Muova (Finland) and APCI (France).

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